In this second of three interviews with contestants for the 2021 Melbourne Rubberman title, meet Brent (he/him).  Brent is an active member of the Melbourne Rubber Facebook group and can often by found in the Laird – I love the colourful nature of his Rubber – he really owns his looks. Here’s Brent!


Brent loves distinctive coloured rubber including metallics

How would you describe your gear fetish(es)?

My fetish style is definitely rubber/latex.  I love the shiny, tight feel and the way it accentuates your body’s curves.  I love that it looks wet, is shiny and slippery!  When I wear it, it’s a great conversation starter.  People are intrigued, and always want to know more!  I started off in black but have now expanded into a range of colours, including metallics and transparents.  I also love your standard rugby shorts, jockstraps and sports socks – the standard locker room kit!

How did you discover your gear fetish?

I was a late bloomer to the fetish world, starting in my 30’s!  My first real fetish gear was in 2017 when I needed an outfit for the Folsom Street Fair.  I wandered into Mr S and quickly discovered neoprene.  I bought a vest, shorts, armbands and a matching jockstrap.  It felt great!  I wore it at the street fair, and to a few parties afterwards and had a great time.  It kept me warm,  was easy to clean and simple to care for!

Rocking the classic black and a touch of yellow

From here, I moved into rubber/latex with the help of a close mate and Mr Rubberman Melboune 2018.  I bought my first outfit to attend his comp and cheer him to victory!  That was a rubber collared shirt and dress style shorts, with a belt loop.  All in black!  It felt great, and I received plenty of compliments.

I now have expanded my wardrobe to signature pieces as well as plenty of mix and match bits to keep every look fresh.  My signature outfit is generally black and yellow, a T-shirt style top and short shorts, in black with yellow stripes.  I added a black vest for summer (get your armpits out) and a yellow rubber harness.  I have recently ventured out into different colours and love wearing my pink/red shirt, transparent smokey grey vests and my new purple/pink/blue surf suit!




Describe the feeling you get when you buy new gear

I am always on the lookout for new gear – there’s never enough!  Whether buying it new or pre-loved, it always makes me feel sexy and excited.  Finding pieces that match what I already have to further enhance my wardrobe or completely new looks is a real turn on.  I won’t lie, the thought of someone else wearing it, playing in it and loving it, then passing it to me is HOT!  Gear is generally pricey, and if you look after it, it can last for years.  But our tastes and feelings change, so it’s good to mix it up, get new pieces and pass the older pieces to someone else to enjoy!


 What is the rubber community like in Melbourne?

Melbourne Rubber has an exciting and diverse community.  Me, being a semi-corporate science nerd, gets to mix and mingle with an array of people with varied backgrounds, all united by our love of rubber!  I have found that the rubber parties are full of people just wanting to have fun, they are engaging, honest and open about their kink and preferences, and just out to have a great time!


You can find Brent (and lots more colourful rubber photos) on his Instagram

The 2021 MRM contest is being streamed on Youtube Live this Friday from 10 September from 8pm AEST.

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